Michigan’s lopsided, destructive and terrifying offensive beast


When Michigan finally found another receiving threat alongside fifth-year senior Jeremy Gallon — who is probably shorter than his listed height of 5-foot-8 — nobody thought that the end result would be the single greatest statistical receiving performance in the 134 years of Michigan football. But when sophomore tight end Devin Funchess split out wide three games ago, the Wolverines’ offense suddenly became a lot more dangerous. On Saturday, it helped Gallon more than anyone. (Michigan Daily)

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Michigan, Michigan State kick off set for 3:30 p.m.

Michigan and Michigan State will kick off at 3:30 p.m. on November 2nd.

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Michigan ranked 22nd in first BCS standings

Michigan is ranked 22nd in the first BCS Standings that were released on Sunday evening. (USAToday)

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Michigan 63, Indiana 47


Michigan comfortably defeated Indiana by 16 points, outgaining them by 161 yards and staying even in the critical turnover battle. Or something like that, at least. In real life, the Wolverines and Hoosiers traded haymakers, smashing records while combining for 1,323 yards of total offense. (MGoBlog)

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Michigan, UCLA agree on home-and-home series in 2022 and 2023

Michigan and UCLA have agreed to play a home and home series.

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Jake Ryan feels good to be back in action


Jake Ryan, Michigan’s junior linebacker, is the same player post-ACL injury as pre-ACL injury. “It’s just that I’ve got a knee brace on, and I don’t have long hair,” said Ryan, the team’s leading tackler a year ago. Ryan, who used Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson’s rapid six-month recovery from an ACL to set his timetable goal, returned from the late-March spring-practice injury to play in last Saturday’s game at Penn State. “That was my goal, six months, and I got to play in six months,” Ryan said Monday. “It feels good.” (Detroit News)

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Position To Fail


After his year three at Michigan found high expectations dashed, John Beilein overhauled his program. Now he’s coming off a national title game appearance, on the verge of making Michigan into a top-ten program. Unless there’s a major turnaround, Brady Hoke’s going to have some hard decisions this offseason. Unless they’re easy ones. (MGoBlog)

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Hoke: Offensive playcalling wasn’t too conservative in Penn State loss

Brady Hoke told reporters that he didn’t think Michigan’s playcalling was too conservative in Michigan’s loss at Penn State.

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Taylor Lewan expected to play vs. Indiana after ‘hip deal’ in Penn State loss


Brady Hoke said Monday he expects Lewan back for Saturday’s game against Indiana. “A little bit of a hip deal, probably was most of it,” Hoke said. “He’ll be fine.” Lewan attempted to return to the game in the second quarter, but lasted just one play. He left the sidelines and went to the locker room just before halftime. (MLive)

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Michigan ranked No. 2 in USA Today’s ‘misery index’

2. Michigan: Look on the bright side, Michigan fans. At least you don’t have to subject yourself to another moment of arguing about the legitimacy of your record. We now know that the close calls against Akron and UConn were no fluke. The Wolverines aren’t an elite team, and even though a lot had to go wrong to lose 43-40 in four overtimes at Penn State, they were living a lie all season. Michigan’s defense is still shaky, quarterback Devin Gardner is still a turnover machine and at some point the finger will get pointed to Brady Hoke. Michigan’s playcalling down the stretch against Penn State was curious, to say the least, as was the decision to play for a field goal in the third overtime as opposed to a winning touchdown. Michigan is 5-1, but it could easily end up 6-6 or 7-5 with the remaining schedule. After going 8-5 last season, that would put Hoke in position to show significant progress in 2014 or face a lot of hot seat talk. (USA Today)

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